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What are the fundamental concepts of food storage?

Storing food long term can seem overwhelming when you’re just starting out but fortunately it’s quite simple. We’ve identified the some of the most critical concepts of a successful long term food storage plan below.

  • Store what you eat and eat what you store – When the unexpected happens and you turn to your food storage plan, it’s not going to sustain you very long if you’re not used to the food that you’ve stored. Many whole foods such as grains or legumes are perfect for long term storage but not many people regularly incorporate these types of food into their daily diet. The U.S. has a huge problem with obesity and part of the reason why it struggles with this issue is that so many if its citizens simply either don’t know or don’t care about eating a healthy diet. So when you’re planning you’re long term food storage plan, take care to include little extras like candy, spices, etc., to ensure you don’t get tired of eating the same types of food on an extended basis. Food fatigue is a very real and very deadly phenomenon.
  • First in, first out – Another simple, yet often overlooked concept of long term food storage is the idea that you should get in the habit of eating your foods that have been stored the longest first to ensure nothing is wasted. This is more relevant for canned goods and spices than it is for bulk foods (since many bulk foods have a storage life of 20-30 years). The key to this concept is organization. Whether you choose to label the dates, create a spreadsheet, or invest in a food storage rotation system, make sure you know how long you’ve stored each type of food in your reserve and incorporate them into your diet (or donate to your local community food pantry before they expire.)
  • Know how to cook the foods you store – This is similar to the first point but takes it one step further. Not only should you store the foods you eat and eat the foods you store, you should also be comfortable with knowing several recipes for each type of food you store. Cooking with home food storage is a prolific topic on the internet and there are plenty of recipes available online, FoodWaterStorage.com also features several recipes to provide you with some ideas.

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